What to Know Before Switiching to a Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular because they offer excellent support and are more flexible than conventional beds. Many require no box spring so they are less expensive to purchase. Some brands are up to twelve inches high so people can get in and out of bed comfortably without a frame.

The foam contours to the body and provides support in any sleep position without pressure points. The design reduces disruption from movement. That means each member of a couple can move around without waking their partner. There are several manufacturers and models from which to choose, so trying out a few and reading many reviews will be helpful.

How They Differ

Many foam mattresses can become warm during the night. Body heat, dense layers of foam, and pillow tops can all increase and cause sweating, discomfort, and tossing and turning. This rarely occurs in a traditional mattress. New materials and innovative designs by manufacturers have alleviated that issue in some models.

Most of these mattresses have an odor when they are taken out of the box. The smell will dissipate after a while. It may be wise to put the mattress in a spare room for a few days before sleeping on it.


Foam mattresses will often last longer than regular beds. High-quality mattresses with several layers of different foam can last for over a decade. One example is the Nectar eleven inch memory foam mattress. There are five layers that combine to be strong and comfortable.

A patented LushFoam, which makes up the third layer, is designed to distribute weight evenly. This particular brand comes with a lifetime warranty. People considering a switch can check this out for more information regarding mattress reviews and pricing.

A Foundation

Some of these mattresses require some sort of foundation to support the mattress itself. That can be a special platform, a traditional box spring, or an adjustable bed frame. Others require no foundation and can even be placed directly on the floor. It is important to note that it should not be exposed to excessive moisture. Keep in mind that sleeping on foam may take some adjustment, but many come with a thirty or sixty day trial period.